Online Expectations

I will use this course to provide your online learning materials. You will be expected to:

  1. Login everyday during your assigned period.
  2. Check the due dates for work that needs to be completed and turn in that work.
  3. Ask questions! Please let me know if you need help with any of the items in the course.

Contact Information

You can send me a message through Schoology. You will need to click on the envelope in the top right hand corner to send messages. Here is a video showing you how to send a message in Schoology: Schoology Resources Folder.


You will have three major grades per quarter and 1-2 minor grades per week. Bell ringers and homework will be averaged for one grade at the end of the quarter. (This grade could make the difference between an A or a B… or a D or an E!)

Major Grades = 60% of your average Minor Grades = 40% of your average

Online Class Procedures

  • Log on to your class meeting on time.
  • Have your mic muted during class unless called on by the teacher.
  • Avoid distractions around you to ensure you are focused on the lesson.
  • Take notes and ask questions. This is new for all of us, so do not hesitate to ask a question.
  • Turn in all assignments on time.

In Class Procedures

  • Come to class on time.
  • Take your seat immediately.
  • Take out your supplies.
  • Begin working on bell ringer.
  • Raise your hand to… ask a question or move around the classroom.
  • Listen and follow directions the first time.
Online Expectations

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